Rifugio Nuvolau

I cannot properly see the website:

Try to use a computer or use the desktop version of the website.


The research says there are no more beds available:

At the moment they might be booked or someone might be booking them. Try again later or in the upcoming weeks, availability often changes.


How do I know if I booked or not?

Every time we get a booking and its payment a confirmation email is sent to the email given during the booking process, sometimes it goes into the spam folder. If you still didn't recieve any email and the payment was done please contact us so that we can confirm your booking.


I want to change my reservation:

At the bottom of your reservation email there is a link where you can modify/delete or just view your booking.


Do you have private rooms or showers?



I need some extra beds, but on the website there is no availability:

Availablility changes all the time, cancelations are managed directly from our website, with a bit of patience and some more researches in the upcoming weeks something might become available (even the night before arrival).





Need help planning?